Oui Chef has always kept class sizes small to allow for individual work and attention from the instructor. Class sizes have been made even smaller now in response to Covid-19 and Illinois State requirements.

Summer Class Schedule Begins June 28!!

In person classes will follow Oui Chef Covid-19 safety procedures.

Weekly Classes

How they Work...

Classes are enrolling at all times and tuition is charged monthly, $136. If your child must miss class, one make-up class each month can be accommodated. Weekly classes are for students 18 months-15 years old. Oui Chef's classes are 75 minutes long which allows for  students to do individual work on recipes and chef instructors time to make sure the proper educative experience takes place.

Each week we will discuss a new topic and practice a new skill and recipe, building the student's knowledge of the culinary world and inspiring them to become more conscientious eaters. Beyond recipe demo and preparation, classes will also include time to explore a culinary topic of the week, investigating and discussing differences in ingredients and forms of the same ingredient.


Younger children will create a more simplified recipe, assisted by their caregiver, calling on motor skills they are developing. Older children will be continually challenged to take a greater role in recipe creation, and will prepare ingredients for the recipe as well as use fine motor skills during preparation.

Oui Chef's 75 minute Weekly class curriculum follows a core topic that changes every 10-15 weeks. An example of a core topic is "Recipes from Around the World" in which each week we will create a recipe from a different country and then talk about the unique qualities of food in that country. We will post which topic is currently being taught on our website as well as list the recipes we will be making in the upcoming weeks.


Weekly Classes for kids ages 18 months-4 years old

Children ages 18 months-4 years old must be accompanied by a caregiver and the caregivers are active participants in the classes. Oui Chef allows a maximum of two children per caregiver.

Weekly Classes for kids age 5 and up

Kids ages 5 and up can be dropped off with prompt pick up from their caregiver at the end of class. Children who are dropped off must be able to use the bathroom on their own. 

Current Weekly Class Series is Recipes for Springtime!

July 26-Blackberry Streusel Bars

August 2- Tabouli, Tzatziki and Pita

August 9- Coconut Cheesecake

August 16- Summer Slaw and Panzanella

August 23- Chocolate Doughnuts

*Please find the days/times of classes on the sign up page.

One-Off Classes

If a weekly commitment is just not possible for you then join us for our one hour, one-off classes offered twice a week during the school year for 2-5 year olds. We will explore many different culinary preparations and skills, creating both sweet and savory foods. This will be hands-on, mostly individual work. Check out our list of the recipes we will be creating below and book now to save your spot! 24 hour advanced reservations are required. If you are wanting to register after the 24 hour notice window please call Oui Chef at 773-799-8451 or email at info@ouichefchicago.com to reserve a spot. 6 participants is the maximum per class. Oui Chef Covid safety procedures will be followed.


Payment is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another class.

$30.00 per class

One-off Classes will resume the week of September 6. See you in the fall!!