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In Person Oui Chef Birthday Parties


Oui Chef hosts birthday parties on Saturdays from 1-3pm. Alternate party times can be requested. Parties with children who are in kindergarten and older are limited to 6 participants with 2 attending adults.We ask that caregivers drop off children. Parties with children preschool age and younger are limited to 4 children and 1 caregiver is required to stay to assist each child.


Students will decorate an apron which will be theirs to take home. They will then make an individual cupcake. While the cupcakes are baking they will work on their main recipe as well as lemonade, fresh fruit spritzer and fruit salad. Students will then enjoy eating their creations with their friends. Finally, they will decorate their cupcake and indulge! 

*Party hosts can bring in extra snacks and beverages for parents and kids, however, no products containing nuts can be brought into Oui Chef.

Party Choices


Mac and Cheese Extravaganza
Selection of different shaped noodles and cheeses to create a personalized mac and cheese masterpiece.
Cupcake and frosting creation and decorating

Veggie Sushi Celebration
Each child will roll their own sushi roll using nori, rice, carrots, cucumbers and avocado.
ake and frosting creation and decorating

Pizza Party
Learn to make your own pizza dough, then roll out your crust and choose from a selection of toppings to build a personalized pizza for every palate.
ake and frosting creation and decorating

Quesadilla  Creations
Create an original quesadilla that suits your liking. Guests will also create salsa and guacamole to top their delectable creations.
ake and frosting creation and decorating

Cupcake Options- each child must make the same cupcake

Vanilla or Chocolate Cupcake

Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry Buttercream


$55 per participant with a $200 minimum.

We can't wait to celebrate your special occasion with you.