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Oui Chef


The words "Yes Chef" are a fundamental part of any professional kitchen. In this busy atmosphere, communication needs to be quick and clear. When your chef gives you direction, it is important to say "yes chef" so that they know you heard them and understood. Under the leadership of a French chef this phrase then becomes "Oui Chef". It is a happy coincidence that "oui" is pronounced the same as "wee"--the size of our little chefs in training!


Laura Ragano Chef/Owner


While attending the University of Michigan, Chef Laura found herself cooking and baking to relieve stress from her classes. Upon graduation from the U of M she decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts, which had become her passion. Chef Laura graduated first in her class from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY in 1999. She moved to Chicago to begin her career as a culinary professional. Early on she knew she had a particular interest in pastries and pursued that in the kitchen. She attended The French Pastry School and graduated in 2001.

Upon graduation from the prestigious school, Chef Laura was fortunate to be offered a job as an assistant by the owner, Jacquy Pfeiffer. She stayed with the school for 10 years working her way up to chef instructor under the master guidance of Chef Pfeiffer and Chef Sebastien Canonne. Chef Laura decided it was time to hang up her toque (French Chef's hat) for a bit when her daughter arrived in 2010.

When it was time to return to work, Laura knew she needed to create something that would combine not only the profession she was trained in and loved, but also everything she has learned from being a mom. From this Oui Chef was born. Chef Laura is excited to share her passion and knowledge with the families that come to Oui Chef and help them build a strong base for cooking together from scratch with skill, flavor and fun.

About the Facility


Oui Chef is a professional cooking facility designed to accommodate kids of varying ages and skill levels. Our goal is for kids to come into our facility and feel like they are stepping into a a professional kitchen with each becoming a Oui Chef sous chef (chef speak for "second-in-commanding the kitchen"). We want our sous chefs to take the knowledge they gain with us to become an integral part of the food experience at home and out to dinner. 

Oui Chef is a nut-free environment although we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that all ingredients we use have been produced in nut-free facilities. The core curriculum is also meatless ensuring Oui Chef is as inclusive as possible.

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