Covid 19 Safety Procedures for In Person Camps and Classes

We are still going to have lots of fun even if we have to distance a bit!

Everyone must wear masks inside Oui Chef.  Students must provide their own masks. If a mask breaks while at Oui Chef, we will provide a paper mask replacement. Masks can be removed during set times when we are tasting our creations.


Temperatures of students will be taken when they arrive for camp and must be normal (not over 100 degrees) to stay and participate.


Parents must say goodbye to their campers outside the front door and wait for them outside at pick up. If a parent needs to stay with their child during camp, they must wear a mask and stay next to their child during camp.


Hands will be washed every 60 minutes or after completing an activity, whichever comes first.


Surfaces will be sanitized regularly by staff and the students working at their stations.


Short break times between recipes will only allow for kids to remain seated at their stations and color or read a book from home. We will also try to play some games that will allow social distancing (Pictionary or charades).


Students will wear gloves while measuring ingredients or preparing items that will be cooked as a group.


Staff of Oui Chef will stay home if they do not feel well. This is also expected of our campers.


The kitchen will be set up to adhere to social distancing guidelines.


Work tables will only have 2 students seated at either end with a Plexiglas barrier down the middle.


Oui Chef windows will be opened to facilitate air flow, weather and environment permitting.


Children who develop sick symptoms during camp will be monitored away from other campers in the waiting area. Parents will be contacted and expected to pick up their campers as soon as possible.